Thursday, February 26, 2015

Another notification:

Exciting things are happening here behind the scenes at The Pleasantest Life. The newsroom is active. Night and day, dutiful reporters dig deep to fabricate the stories our readers want: greater awe, greater wonder. Tell us, by God--what happened with the eels?

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But, while we're working on the larger stories, we have amassed a team of interns who will be bringing you bite-sized delight. Tantalizing nuggets. Teasing gems. Whetstones, against which you can sharpen your insatiable news-hunger.

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Let's get on with it.

Nominee for TPL's 2015 Selfie of the Year

Our first nominee for 2015's prestigious SOTY award comes to us from Nelle Bing. Last Friday, Nelle attended a wedding celebration that suffered some unintended ups and downs. With an anxiety that quickly spread among the 14 other passengers, she found herself trapped in an elevator, and facing fear itself.

Nelle had reception long enough to do two things. Send a frantic text to her husband (who already had a head full of champagne), and deliver this crucial s.o.s to Facebook.

"I am literally stuck in an elevator. Please, someone call for help. I'm at the Foshay"

Post-experience analysis by those at the scene revealed: you really haven't seen Nelle Bing chug a beer until she's been trapped in an elevator.

Despite having the kind of friends who would rather laugh hysterically at home than actually call for help, the elevator ordeal was resolved in a "seemingly endless" 20 minutes or so.

Once the elevator doors were pried open by rescue personnel dressed as sexy calendar firemen, Nelle Bing reportedly sashayed past the assembled hunks; slid down the railing on the last 10 flights of stairs; gave a brusque nod to her husband and to the the bartender said, "Tequila. Now."

Nelle Bing, as the first nominee for the inaugural SOTY award, you live The Pleasantest Life.